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In honor of Alexander-The Great
Adam Farris
Adenrele Olaosun
Ahmad & Tishara Creeks
In appreciation for the love shown to our kids...thanks CCA Family!
Alan and Karen Watson
Alianna Davis
Amanda Thomas
Amber Strader
Amy CdeBaca
Amy Gresham
Amy Hatchett
Amy Mathis
Amy Mathis
Amy Salamanca
Amy Tobin
Amy Warren
Angel waggoner
Angela Haase
Anissa Ursin
Arden Morley
In honor of Ardelis Russell Morley
Awesome School!!
Ayesa Lagria
Bernice Padilla Padilla
Brian Recknagel
Brittany Davis
Brooke Polk
Thank you for providing my daughter with a great education rooted in God’s teachings. CCA plays an invaluable role in shaping the person she becomes.
Buncy Nemec
Caci Davis-Gomez
Candice Washko
Carlos Umana
Carter & Parker Ford
Casondra Burkley
Chad & Andi St. Jean
Charlotte Huang
Chasie Howell
Cherilyn Gerald
Amazing staff !
Cheryl Gowens
Chima Chima
Chiquera Holmes
Christa Chisholm
Christy Simmons-Crouch
Chuck Glasper
Claire Futral
Claudia Harriehausen
Claudia Valdivia
Corey Waters
Courtney Mosquinski
Cristian Arias
Cynthia Brackin
Danellys Beato-Adorno
Daphne Lane
Thank you, CCA!
David and Margaret Smith
Dawnna Walton
In honor of Bernice Jones
Debbie Frederick
Deborah McGuire
Delores McGlory
Diane Wright
Don Bryan
Don Bryan Jr.
Don Hooper
Donna Van Worthe
Go Cougars. Greatful for the CCA Family. May God continue to work through the lives of our children, families, teachers and staff. Thank you!
Doug & Carolyn Teague
Elaine Yao
Emily Fenstemaker
Emily Koch
Emily Murphy
Emmanuel Ogbodo
Eric Nicholie
Erin Linton
Erin Wollard
Felicia Sundgren
We are pleased to have our kids in a warm Christian school where they hear about Jesus every day.
Garrett Davis
Gary and Dolly Mandel
Gloria Recknagel
Gracie Stelly
Haley Park
Hao Li
Heather Flores
Heather Hunt
Hugo Monroy
In honor of Taylor J Monroy
Ingeuneal Gray
Irene Chou
Proud to be CCA family!
Jackeline Faccini
Thank you CCA for giving us piece of mind
Jamie Bounds
Jamie Bounds
Jana and Kevin Hayes
Jason & Sopheavy Hall
In memory of Jane Hall
We love CCA! Thanks to the amazing teachers and staff that make this such a wonderful school!
Jason Chen
Jason Hamak
Jenna Manges
We love CCA!
Jennell Diebold
Jennifer Kiatta
Jessica Jaramillo
Jill Warren
Jing Zeng
Joab Opot
John & Glenda McCarthy
Joshua Tobias
CCA and all the staff do a wonderful job in fostering our kids growth in a Christian based environment.
Joy Hennigan
Julia Jenkins
Julie Collins
Julie Padgett
Justin Samuel
Kaden, Justin and Cole Armstrong
CCA provides an excellent education and instills a strong moral compass for those children who were given the opportunity to spend their early years through middle school at the school. We love CCA!
Kamal ikotun
Keep up the good work
Karen Foster
Karen Jones
Karina Martinez
Karina Martinez
Katherine Ashmore
Katherine Knapp
Kathryn Parton
Kerriel Lyles
Kevin Hernández
In honor of In honor of my grandma Andrea juarez
I support CCA is a community that change people life’s we are bless to have our son here at CCA
Kevin Janecek
Khushi Chopra & Family
Kristen Bertoncini
Kristi Armstrong
Kurte and Janna Shepherd
Latrice Crawford
Laura Kubena
Lawson Cooper
Lemke Orthodontics
6th grade
Lindsay Bergen
Liz Guevara Backman
Liza Gonzalez
Liza Joseph
Louisa chiu
Maitee Felix
Mandie Borreson
Marcus Ricks
Mark Mize
Mary Ellen Phipps
Matt Bentley
Megan Miletello
Melissa Borromeo
Michael Kubes
Miguel Hurtado
Min Wu
Monica Overstreet
N. Williams
Nahed Eskaros
Nancy Cowart
Natalie Lange
Navid Nikouei
Nekita Moore
Nick & Vonna Taylor
Niketria Bell
Oksana Loginova
Olusola Olagoroye
Omotayo Elegbede
Orson Sydora
CCA is an amazing place for children to grow and learn, we love it so much!
Ott Le
Phatsara KIjwattanachai
Phyllis Murray
Rebecca Peralta
Regina Johnston
Rhonda Jessup
Ricardo Garza
Richard & Kelea Newhouse
Rico & Michael
Robert Goetsch
Robyn Wheaton
Rose Benny
Ruben Lopez
In honor of Abuelo Abel
Keep the excellent work you are doing for our kids.
Ruth and Bob Temple
In honor of Rivers and Rainn Taylor
We love YOU and are so VERY proud of YOU!
Safiya Tobias
We are so grateful for CCA and all the wonderful teachers/staff.
Sallie Bezuidenhout
Sandra & Gustavo Velasco
Love CCA - Our daughter has flourished here. Great Teachers & Staff!!!
Sarah Castaneda
Scott Cole
Sean Wilborn
Sean and Nancy Burnett
Shanika King
Shannon Sullivan
Shantrell Williams
Shauntain Melendez
Shawn Ren
Shelley Gowens
Sherrie Phipps
In honor of Lucie Phipps 3rd grade
Sherrie Phipps
In honor of Grace Phipps, 2nd grade
Stephanie Baxmann
Stephanie Garza
Stephen Taylor
Sunny Lu
Susanna Stern
Suzanne Neal
Suzanne Olmon
Tammy Caffrey
Tamuno Ifiesimama
Tania Rodriguez
We prayed so much for a Christian School and CCA was the answer. God uses the staff to teach our kids their academics but it also teaches them about our Jesus Christ is a team effort with parents and school. We love our CCA
Tania Rodriguez
We love CCA and our kids feel loved
Tanisha Anderson
Thank you for the great care for my child!
Tanisha Anderson
Tanya Hamak
We love CCA!
The Ding Family
Thom & Sandra Besso
Thomas Mason
Tiffany Nuno
Toby Miletello
Veronica Gagic
We are grateful to the Lord to have found CCA. My daughter is extremely happy with every aspect of new school.
Veronica Gagic
Veronica Mbute
Veronica Torres
Vicki Taylor
William Mason
Yudong Gao
Yue Jiang
CCA is a big family!
keep up the great work.
Zee George
Zhuo Li
We love CCA !
Megan Hutchens
We love our new school!
It is our privilege to support CCA! May God richly bless the staff and students with skills for life and faith for eternity!
We are grateful for the strong, faith based community that CCA has provided to our girls!!!!
In honor of Grandma Alice Ale
This school helps my child learn and grow in school and with God.
Excellent curriculum and nurturing environment.

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